Pencil and Paper versus Keyboard

“Wow. You actually write out your stories, first?”

Yes, I write. I mean that in both the creative sense and the physical one.  I wield my craft long-handed. That’s the best way to describe my Process. Pencil to paper–sometimes a pen might be used.

I know a bunch of writers that work their craft via the keyboard. And that is just fine. It works for them. For a person with my Process, I find it interesting to note that practically all of those writers are right-handed. I only know of a handful of Lefties who write that way, too. Again, this is perfectly okay for all of them. I’m cool with that and won’t try to change their Process. It’s just not for me. Continue reading Pencil and Paper versus Keyboard

Seeking Equilibrium In My Crazy World…

It’s an interesting task, finding the balance between the work/normal and creative lives…

At first, there’s a dramatic dropping of the scales to one side or the other. You’re in a place where one aspect languishes while the other the other thrives. …Then there’s the guilt of paying too much attention to one and not the other.

Gradually, though, a delicate balance takes foothold. Well, maybe “toehold” –that’s where I am now.

I would *love* to reach the day where I’m that kid who finally succeeds in standing in the middle of the see-saw, maintaining that precarious balance needed to remain on top while both parties on either end try to bounce the other–and me–off their seat.

Some days I think I’m nuts to throw in to my balancing act not one, but two more objects. Those would be my venture into the world of tweeting and this. How can I balance work (which gets so stressful it’s mentally draining), hausfrau duties, yard/garden projects, writing or editing my stories AND keep my blog & Twitter accounts up to date?? Ugh. This is when the song “Some Nights” by Fun. really speaks to me. Then listen to their track “Carry On” and I start to feel a bit better.

Wow. Typing this out I realize that this is my longest post yet. Woot! It’s still short as some blog posts go, but hey, I’m still trying to find that balance… some sort of equilibrium in my crazy world.

But I know I’ll get there. 🙂

So much to do, so little time…. Squirrel!!!

Wow. I’m learning it’s *super* easy to get lost in this world of blog/webpage setup…. And I mean that in both the literal & figurative sense. “How did I get to this part?” “Where can I find…?” “What do you mean ‘it’s after 2am’??”

That being said, this is a TON of fun. Even though I know Future Me will cringe at the sloppy-crudeness of my early posts, I hope that F.M. would get a good laugh and remember this craziness.

Hello world!

Yay!!!! It is official. I have both a webiste and  blog!! And you are reading it! 🙂

I must say that this is really quite gratifying. Exciting, too! I’m looking forward to sharing my latest news and updates here …and just plain having fun tweaking this wonderful creation.